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Camping / Work Lighting 240 v / 12 v

Our Portable LED Work Lights Will Never Leave you in the Dark

Whether you are on the job late at night, camping in a secluded area, or finishing your work in the farm, our industry-standard lighting products are here for you. With advanced electronics and simple-to-use design, we make sure you’re never caught out, with durable and efficient lights that will get the job done.

What makes our LED lights the top choice for work?

We’re committed to supplying industry around the country with superior products that won’t create a hole in the budget. Proudly Australian owned and run for many years, we are LED work lights locals to outback Queensland. We have a deep understanding of exactly what the nation’s industries need to create success, and provide the products that will make this happen.

Our prompt and efficient delivery service means your LED work lights will be delivered to your workplace or home as quickly as possible. We want you to experience the difference sooner, so offer standard and express mailing options, as well as local pick up.

Built for local climate, your work lights are impressively durable

Whether you’re after a light bar or LED lighting solution, we have you covered with quality design and robust materials. Withstanding even the harshest Australian wind, rain and intense sunlight, each of our products will last for the long-term, to provide years’ worth of lighting.

You’ll receive a full replacement warranty on any product

Confident in our products’ performance, and dedicated to your satisfaction, we offer an 18-month replacement warranty on any manufacturing faults. As well as this, our 30-day money back promise means you’ll always be confident you’ve made the right decision.


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Should you have any questions about your workplace products, or to enquire about our returns, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are more than happy to provide you with more information. Either call 0401 850 511 or send us an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.


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