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Buy High Quality LED Flood Lights Online at Competitive Prices

Let’s face it: visibility is a necessity in most aspects of life, and having access to good lighting is an advantage in both recreation and industrial applications. At Blue Bar, we stock products to meet all your lighting needs; from automobiles to camping and everything in between, shop with us and know you are equipped to tackle any job or adventure.

Browse our selection of versatile outdoor flood lights

Secure it on the ute, chuck it on the back of the boat, attach it to a wall — it flood light doesn’t really matter what you need, because our range of products has something to suit any application. From single aluminium fixtures to low profile LEDs, visit our range any time you need a product you can rely on for long lasting performance.


While quality is a priority, we are committed to offering high standards at affordable prices. We tweak imported products to ensure they are suitable for the demands of our customers and the Australian " weather conditions; once the LED outdoor flood lights are ready for sale, we keep the price tag competitive so that you aren’t left heavily out of pocket.

Why should you buy an LED flood light online?

Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority, so all orders are processed as soon as possible with standard delivery, express or pick up available on most items. In addition, your order comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 18-month replacement warranty. To find out more about our flexible returns, read about our policy here.


Need help?


We’re here to answer any of your questions or concerns about our LED lights, so call our team on 0401 850 511 or email with any enquiries. Otherwise, fill out the easy online contact form!

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