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DC to DC Battery Charger Matson 12 Volt, 20 Amp With Solar Input

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DC to DC Battery Charger Matson 12 Volt, 20 Amp With Solar Input

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Additional Information

  • Input voltage
    12.8 volt to 25 volt DC
  • Output Voltage
    GEL, Calcium, AGM/Deep Cycle/VRLA
  • Output Current
    20 Amp
  • Min. Start Voltage
  • Desulphation
  • Soft Start
    Yes (Gradual ramp up of charger output)
  • Charge Rates
  • Absorption
    14.3V (Gel) 15.6V (Calcium) 14.7V (AGM/Deep Cycle/VRLA)
  • Equalisation
    Automatic (Charger will commence this process at start up)
  • Analysis / Fault Find
  • Recondition
  • Alternator Function
  • Float
    13.3V (Gel) 13.8V (Calcium) 13.8 (AGM/Deep Cycle/VRLA)
  • Case Construction
  • Fan Cooled
  • Permanent Mount
  • Battery Size
    18AH ~ 250AH
  • Battery Type
    Deep Cycle and Automotive, GEL / Calcium / AGM, Deep Cycle, SLA, VRLA
  • IP Rating
  • Dimensions
    140x150x50mm (LxWxH)


DC to DC Dual Battery Charger 20 amp 12volt Solar Input Matson Australian Brand

Announcing the arrival of the new more advanced 20 amp with solar input range of DC to DC battery chargers. This charger offers sophisticated 3 stage smart charging utilizing switch mode technology and designed to charge your storage/auxiliary battery using the vehicles 12 volt power source

  • Designed and manufactured for tough australian conditions, the Matson MA20DC is ideal for all DC to DC charging applications
  • Simple set and forget technology with easy connection to both batteries
  • Can be used in solar applications
  • 20 amp output, 12 volt input
  • Three stage Smart Charging
  • Suitable for GEL, Lead Acid or Calcium chemistry batteries (Selectable)
  • LEDs indicate charging status and selected chemistry
  • Electronic touch button selection
  • Ease of installation
  • Input: 12.8V to 25V DC
  • Low voltage cut out @ 12.2 volt
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protected
  • Overheating protection and cut out
  • Microprocessor control and management
  • Connected solar panels are to be regulated

This DC to DC charger may not work with a variable voltage alternated vehicle.

Please check with vehicle manufacturer for alternator cut out voltage on vehicles primary battery. If below 12.2 volt, do not use this DC to DC charger

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