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The Highway Range

Introducing the Highway Range of LED lights from Blue Bar Industries.

Most of your driving done on the bitumen road? Being able to see further is what you are after?

Then you need one of Blue Bar’s Highway Range of LED Light Bars. We’ve concentrated the light angle down to a 20° spread for width and a super tight 8° spread in the center for distance, it’s like a ball of light beaming down the road in front of you.

These lights are perfect for giving greater amount of reaction time for when you are driving a bit quicker and want more time to brake for any hazards on the road in front of you.

Sliding adjustable brackets to make fitting the light really easy and the brackets are low profile which not only adds to the security of the light bar but allows the light to sit lower in height restricted areas. The cabling from the light bar is pre crimped with the female Deutsch plug making it super simple to plug straight into the wiring harness.

Built in breather valve allows the air temperature inside the light to neutralise with the outside air temperature reducing the likelihood of condensation building up inside the light.

All this covered by the NEW extended Blue Bar 24 month replacement warranty and 60 day money back guarantee

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